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How to Go from LOSING Money on Facebook Ads to PRODUCING One Scaleable Winning Ad AFTER Another...
Like on a Production Line. In 30 Days or Less.

That's the Winning Ad Factory.

Have you ever tried running Facebook ads? You created the first ad, and it flopped. The second one got some sales, but in 1 month, it completely tanked. And you feel paralyzed because you don’t want to create a new ad every single day…

Ughhh. Know that feeling. It sucks. 😖

You want to scale fast, but it’s so… so… SO COMPLICATED!

I felt the same way…


I found the simplest and quickest way to find winning ads.

The ads that bring customers.

The ads that you can scale.

And It’s so COOOL. 🤩

I call it:

🎉 Winning Ad Factory 🎉

Because with this process, you can assemble one winning ad after another. Like on a production line in a factory.

A well-oiled machine that produces winning ads for you.

I’m always very excited when I find a winning ad. Because I know that JUST ONE winning ad can bring us 500+ customers. 🙌

But having MANY OF THEM is….

WOW! 🤩

I’ve been using this winning ad process for just 6 weeks and:

🥳 I cut the CPC by half. 

🥳 I went from 61 to 132 new sales a week while lowering our cost per acquisition by 37%. Read: More sales for less money.

🥳 Getting 100+ customers a week from the ads and growing every week.

🥳 Scaling is so easy. Right now, I have 4 winning ads that I’m scaling.

🥳 MORE IMPORTANTLY: A lot of winning ad angles ready to scale. (I’ve tested them but haven’t scaled them yet).

You can see results within a few days:

Adam, who used this exact process and wrote: 

“I've been following Erik's method for a little over a month now and I have:
- 4 scaling ads that have made sales
- A clear idea on what to iterate on because I know what is working
- 41 orders in the last days on my $37 offer
- all time low CPMs and high CTRs
- $947.5 profit in the past 7 days with a 1.5x ROAS

In short, stick to the program, follow the steps and you will see results!”

And Howie who said:

"Tried your testing strategy on another campaign and we had 8x ROAS!"

I freaking love it. ❤️

With this process, you will produce one winning SCALEABLE ad after another in just 30 days (or less).

Here is how it works:

1️⃣ Find winning headline, hook, and ad creative ideas. Get inspired by what works right now. You don’t have to be creative to come up with 10 new ideas for your ads. I’ll show you how.

2️⃣ Test headlines, hooks, and creatives separately. Just run a very simple test. Your market will tell you EXACTLY which headlines, hooks and creatives convert. Not guessing anymore.

3️⃣ Assemble new winning ads by combining winning headlines, hooks, and creatives. That’s the part I love the most. ❤️ It’s sooo simple.

4️⃣ Scale the winners. Just pour more money into advertising. 

5️⃣ Rinse and Repeat. Repeat the process again and never run out of the winning ads.

If having multiple winning ads and scaling easily is something you are interested in, here’s what I have for you:

I’m gonna host the Winning Ad Factory training. 

I’ll show you how you can find & scale your ads without being creative in just 2-3 hours of work a week.

In the program, you’ll discover:

✅ How and where to quickly find winning headlines, hooks, and ad creatives ideas. No more writing your ad from scratch again.

✅ How to let the market tell you what works and what doesn't so that you can stop relying on the guessing game.

✅ How to combine winning headlines, hooks, and creatives to assemble MULTIPLE (not just one) winning scaleable ads.

✅ How to never run out of the winning ads and say goodbye to the stress of ad fatigue.

✅ How to simplify the process, taking only 2-3 hours a week of your time.

I’ll show you everything during the training. 💪

Because the goal is to celebrate your 3,5,10 new PROFITABLE, client-getting ads in just 30 days from now. 🎉🎉

And I can tell you…

Having multiple ads that bring you more customers day in, day out like clockwork feels amazing.

When: Instant Access

Where: Private Facebook Group

Format: Videos & workbook

Price: $499

Look, the Winning Ad Factory process has completely changed the way I run my ads. Without stress, without guessing, without writing all the ads from scratch.

And I know it can change yours too.

PS: If you're already a member of the 6-Figure Coach program, you can access the Winning Ad Factory training in the members' area!
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