How to Create Your Products so GOOD That People Can’t Help but Buy from You

It Works for Free, Low-ticket, Mid-ticket, and High-ticket Offers

That's the Supercoach.

Many coaches:

Struggling to upgrade their clients from free lead magnets / low ticket offers to their signature programs.

Spending a lot of time fixing their upsell sequence. And it still doesn’t work. And they don’t know WHY. Ughhh. It sucks. 😖

My most successful clients: 

Making 7 figures in sales of their courses and coaching programs while (most of them) suck at upselling. 

But they are EXCEPTIONAL at solving the customers' problems.

That's why  their introduction products (free or low-ticket) are so good that people can’t help but buy. 

They understand that:

Product > Marketing

They create their product a UNIQUE and STRATEGIC way that makes it very simple and easy for their clients to get the results. 

Don’t fix the wrong problem. 

Don’t fix the upselling. Fix the product first! 

And EVERYTHING will change! Guaranteed! And it’s so COOOL. 🤩

If you want:

✅ New customers - who are upgrading from free content to paid offers

✅ Repeat buyers - who are upgrading from low ticket offers to high ticket offers

✅ Satisfied customers - who are happy to recommend your products 

✅ Raving fans - who are buying from you with almost no details. Because they know it’s gonna be great (those are my favorite 🤩) .

But you don’t know:

❓ How to upgrade customers? You’re getting visitors, you’re producing content, but people just don’t buy.

❓ Where’s the mistake? You’ve tried almost everything, but nothing has worked. And you don’t know where the heck you made a mistake. WHEEERE?

❓ How to make it simpler? How to create a product (free or paid) that makes people buy again, again, and again. Selling without complicated funnels. Without DMing back and forth.

 ❓ Because we don’t want to do that, right?

Here’s what you’ll get:

👉🏼 A unique process of how to create your free lead magnets so good that people can’t help but buy your next offer. Without having an A-level upselling sequence. 

👉🏼 How to create paid offers so good that people can’t help but buy from you. Again and again. Because they want more results.

👉🏼 1 Contra-intuitive approach that my most successful clients do differently than their competitors. It’s contra-intuitive, but it brings the best results. 

👉🏼 A simple process on how your customers can show you what part of your product is very hard to implement. Trust me, many times it’s not what you think. 

👉🏼 How to remove those roadblocks and help people get better results faster and easier. Because that’s what makes them want to buy more.

👉🏼 How to create less content and have more satisfied customers with better results and more sales. Because value is not in volume. 

👉🏼 How to stop selling the information and start selling the solution. 

👉🏼 Remember: The only thing that can beat free is fast. The faster you solve people’s problems, the more they will pay.  

With the Supercoach you no longer need to:

❌ Write long sales pages
❌ Tweak every single detail in your follow-up sequence
❌ Follow up people in DMs
❌ Spend hours handling objections and convincing people
❌ Push your customers to buy your offer
❌ To be a great salesperson

Program Details

Format: 8 Live trainings + recordings + workbooks
Where: Private FB Group
When: Feb. 9, 2023
Price: $999

This is perfect for you if:

✅ You want to be a leader in your industry 
✅ You want to attract repeat-buyers
✅ And you want to build a base of raving fans who buy from you again and again with almost no details

PS: If you're already a member of the 6-Figure Coach program, you'll get access to the Supercoach program in the 6-Figure Facebook group!
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