Rapid Launch Workshop

Have you been sitting on your new course idea for weeks? Do you feel paralyzed because it’s a lot of time and energy to write a new sales copy, create a new funnel and launch it?

Uggggh! Know that feeling. It sucks. 😖

You want to move fast, but it’s so… so… SO COMPLICATED!

I felt the same way…


I found the simplest and quickest way to launch my offers.

It’s so COOOOL! 🤩

I call it:

🎉 RAPID Launches 🎉

The way you can launch your next offer within 1 hour & get the first clients on the same day.

YES! Just 1 hour from an idea to a launch! 

How cool is that?

That’s why I call it Rapid Launches.

When I did it the first time, I got 49 people buying my offer with no sales page, no webinar, no sales calls, no closing in DMs.

And I can tell you…

I freaking love it. ❤️

You can launch any offer ranging between $30 and $3,000 within minutes. Literally.

Here is how it works:

1️⃣ Find your topic - Find a topic in your niche that people are interested in and willing to pay money for it.
2️⃣ Hot Offer - Turn the topic into a hot offer that people are salivating to join.
3️⃣ Rapid Launch - Launch your new offer within 1 hour and get your first clients on the same day.
4️⃣ 3 Sale Waves - Multiply your sales by selling your offer in 3 waves at 3 different price points.
5️⃣ Deliver it - Deliver your amazing content quicker than ever before utilizing our Rapid Content Delivery Process.

If launching your next offer within 1 hour without sales pages and webinars sounds is something you are interested in, here is what I have for you:

I’m gonna host an online 5-day Rapid Launch Workshop where we launch your next offer together.

The goal of the workshop is to help you:

✅ Find your next topic
✅ Turn it into a hot offer
✅ Rapid Launch it within 1 hour
✅ Get first customers

And we will do EVERYTHING during the workshop together. 💪

Because the goal is when you finish the workshop, your new offers will has been launched and you'll have the first sales of the new offer. 🎉🎉

And I can’t wait to celebrate your sales with you. It’s gonna be amazing.

When: Aug 1 - Aug 5
Where: Private Facebook Group
Format: Live + recordings
Price: $987

Look, Rapid Launches have completely changed the way I launch my new offers. Without stress, without complicated funnels, without webinars.

And I know it can change yours too.

One of my clients who used this method made $15k in just a few days. 🤩🥳

Are you the next?

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