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  • The Strategy - Short, on-point videos walk you through the workbook so that you can create your own bestselling workbook.
  • The Workbook - Thanks to the workbook, find your bestselling workbook idea, create it faster and ensure that you didn't forget anything important.
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ONE TIME OFFER - The Customer Maximizer
The first time I sold my workbook, I got 409 customers, but then it tanked afterward!

I rewrote my ad copies, changed the sales page, started targeting new audiences... I tried almost everything. But nothing helped.

A few months later, I got a brilliant idea. I fixed 1 simple thing in the funnel. Result? I scaled from 409 to 2,208+ customers quickly 💪

Using this, I 5.3x my customers and generated over $45,018 in ADDED revenue, and it’s just in the workbook funnel! Without creating new content, without changing my ads, without writing a new sales page.

Get 5x more customers! Only here 70% off!
PREMIUM Workbook + Funnel Template
If you want to get more customers selling your workbook, remember:

People buy with their EYES too!

Your workbook and sales page design have to be PREMIUM.

PREMIUM Workbook Template
The exact 31-page Canva template I use for designing my own workbooks. Easy to edit.

PREMIUM Funnel Design
5-page funnel templates designed in Canva for your sales page, order page, upsell and thank you page.

Change the colors to your branding colors in 60 seconds (OR less).

Everything is aesthetically in harmony and looks PREMIUM.