The Preframe Magic

(It'll make you more money in your course/coaching business)

In the last few months, I discovered a very cool strategy. It helps me get clients who are willing to invest in my coaching $100k and beyond in the long-term.

Crazy! Right? 🤯

Even though I couldn't imagine selling $5k programs before.

And here is where it gets even crazier...

I didn't change my teaching (my how-to). What I changed is the preframing. I preframe clients to invest more money into my programs.

And the best thing...

They are thanking me for doing this! (and getting mind-blowing results on top of that).

How crazy is that?! 😱


You don't need to sell $100k offers or packages.

It works for any offer. Doesn't matter whether you currently charge dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.🙂

This strategy will help you make more money! Way more than you think 

And if you want to learn more, I reveal it in the Preframe Magic masterclass (instant access).

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