How to make your product UNIQUE
And Immediately Hook Your Customers To Buy
In Just One Afternoon.

That’s the Mess to Message Workshop.

Have you ever tried to launch an offer, and nobody bought it? You know your offer is great, but people just don’t seem to “get it.”
You try so hard to explain why it’s new and cool, but they just don’t buy it! They don’t see the uniqueness at all!
It’s soooo frustrating, and I’ve been there too. 😓
When I’m in that situation, I wish I had someone who could read my mind, unscramble the mess in my head, and 🪄voila🪄!
Turn it into an offer message that’s simple, compelling, and shows uniqueness in just a few words.
The message that makes your product UNIQUE and immediately hooks your customers to buy. 
If I had someone like that, it would be fantastic!
Because I know deep down my offer is awesome. People just didn’t get it because my message wasn’t clear.
Unfortunately, I don’t have a person like this for you...
I have a simple process that will lead you to unlock the unique factors of your messaging.
I call it 🎉Mess To Message🎉
This simple process can unlock your mind and craft your compelling 30-second message. With minimal effort. In just one afternoon.
When I tried this the first time, my sales went up 3.15x!
I was like: “Wow, that’s so cool!”.
And now you can do it too.
Here’s how the process works:
1️⃣ Answer ONE SIMPLE question that will lead you to your uniqueness. This 1-question process is responsible for getting you to your uniqueness. Even if you struggle to put your thoughts on paper!
2️⃣ Unlock your 3 unique factors. With almost no effort, these will make your offer message completely unique. And the right ONE for your customers.
3️⃣ Craft your compelling 30-second message using our proven template. Just fill in the blanks to craft your simple, unique, and results-oriented message. The message that can make your customers say, “AHA! That’s cool. I want it!”
4️⃣ Turn your 30-second offer message into multiple sales messages. Discover how to use one message and turn it into sales pages, promotional emails, and posts. Easier than ever before.
5️⃣ Rinse & Repeat! Repeat this process for the rest of your offers.
If you’re interested in getting more sales, then this training is for you…
With the Mess to Message Workshop, I’ll show you how to craft a compelling 30-second offer message in just one afternoon. The message that makes your product UNIQUE and immediately hooks your customers to buy.
In this program, you’ll discover:
✅How to make your customers see the uniqueness of your offer with just one message.
✅How to find soooo many unique factors for your offer that it’s hard to pick the best three. Even if you struggle to put a single one on paper!
✅How to make your customers have that AHA moment once they read your sales emails, sales pages, and posts, thanks to your 30-second offer message.
✅How to turn the mess of great ideas in your head into compelling offer messaging in just one afternoon.
I’ll show you everything during the training! 😎
Because once you get the hang of it, you don’t have to be frustrated trying to show and explain why your offer is the right ONE for your customers.
You can let your 30-second offer message do the talking.
And let me tell you…
Having customers buy your offer without a moment’s hesitation feels awesome! 🥳
By the end of the workshop, we will have crafted your 30-second offer message together.
And you’ll know how to turn it into multiple sales messages, promotional emails, or posts. Easier than ever before.
When: Instant Access
Where: Private Facebook Group
Format: Videos & workbook
Price: $299
The goal of the workshop is to lead you to the uniqueness of your offer message that makes it more compelling and simpler.
No more customers saying “I don’t get it!”.
No more stress explaining what makes your offer the right ONE for your customers.
PS: If you're already a member of the 6-Figure Coach program, you'll get the access email soon!
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