The Golden Ticket

Unlock All of My Programs & Masterclasses for the Next 6 or 12 Months

I’m so excited because the Golden ticket is for the people who are like me… 🧨

- The people who want to raise the bar.
- The people who know that their next level requires courage.
- The people who know that learning new things is not an option, it’s a must-have.
- The people who are brave enough to say YES to the long-term growth commitment.
- The people who know they are meant for something bigger. And want to play that way.

And at the same time…

- The people who love what I teach.
- The people who don’t want to pick just one program or masterclass they want them all.
- The people who want to save money and GET IN for the lowest price.

If that’s you…. AMAZING! 🥳

You definitely want the Golden Ticket.

The ticket that unlocks all the programs for you. 🔥

The Golden Ticket is a 6 or 12-month experience where you get access to all of my upcoming LIVE trainings:

⚡️ ALL of my LIVE group programs (+recordings)
⚡️ ALL of my LIVE masterclasses (+recordings)
⚡️ALL of my LIVE challenges and workshops (+ recordings)

These are the next things happening in August:

1. Rapid Launch Workshop - how to launch a program in 60 minutes
2. Mini Offer Masterclass - how to grow your audience with mini offers in 2022
3. 5-wave selling - how to launch your offer in 5 waves so you can get 5 peaks of sales with multiple incomes

So that we can grow. Together. Becoming a higher version of ourselves.

Every month, I usually do at least 1 LIVE group program, 1 masterclass, and 1 workshop / challenge.

You’ll get everything. All you need to know about sales, social media, ads, audience building, mindset, managing your team, behind the scenes, and…

And… we’re not done yet :)

On top of that, you’ll get access to these prerecorded trainings once you’re in:

👉🏼 Shift Into the Fast Lane masterclass - How to create paid content 5-times faster than ever before while still having a lot of fun doing it. 

👉🏼 The YOUnicorn program - How to lead people differently to buy from you because OF YOU (and not because of your method).

👉🏼 $10k in 10 weeks program - What exactly I would do if I had to start from scratch again. With no list, no products, and (more importantly) no marketing skills.

👉🏼 $5k Masterclasses program - The fastest method I know how to create paid content without complicated funnels (just one super short order page), without running ads (just social media and my email list), and without having a content idea.

Ready for a big shift?

Open your heart, open your mind. It's gonna be a ride! 🎢

PS: If you have bought any program from me in the last month, you can use it as a credit towards the golden ticket.

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