CA$H Copy

I’m sooo excited about what I’m gonna share with you here…

… because I found really cool approach to sell my courses and programs in an empowering way.

Aaaagh, that’s sooo cool. 🤩

Look, as a coach, you know you need to sell. That’s the fact.

But you don’t want to push people to buy your courses because you alone hate buying programs this way, right?

Fake countdown timers and “if you miss this once-in-a-life opportunity, your life is ruined” statements drive you crazy.

And the only thing you know is that this IS NOT the way you want to sell.

You didn’t start a coaching business just to become a sleazy used-car salesman, right?!

You know you’re meant for bigger. And better.

You don’t want to push your clients to buy from you.

You want to empower them. And let them decide.

You don’t want to manipulate people, you want them to see the real value.

And make their move.


But you still want to have (at least) a gazillion sales. At least 😃 😃 Right?


How to combine those 2 things together?

How to sell in a way that is empowering, fun, and motivating without any pushing…

And at the same time to have (as I said) at least a gazillion sales. (Ok, I’m exaggerating… but you get the point).


That’s the content of my new upcoming 3-week course called COPY CA$H.

It’s $399 in the presale (the final price will be $2,000).

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(The price will keep increasing until it reaches the regular price of $2,000)

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