$10k in 10 Weeks 🚀

I challenge you…

10 years ago, in 2012, I started my course / coaching career.

And in the first 10 weeks, I made a bit more than $10k. (It was $11.5k). That moment I was… WHAT!!? 🤯 I hadn’t made that much money selling my knowledge.

10 years go by and I can tell you… It’s been a ride… and I love every single piece of it.

Now, it’s your turn. If you haven’t made 10k in 10 weeks yet, this is the best opportunity.

Next week I’m starting a brand new program called 10k in 10 weeks (what a surprise, right?)

There, I’ll show you what exactly I would do if I had to start from scratch again. With no list, no products, and (more importantly) no marketing skills.

And NO… I wouldn’t use the same strategy I used 10 years ago. Because it’s not working anymore…

I wouldn’t build 1 high-ticket offer. I wouldn’t build a low-ticket funnel. I wouldn’t cold DM people. I wouldn’t run ads.

I would do something different. Something that doesn’t require any software, any ad budget, or a special tool.

Only you, Facebook, and your cell phone. 💪


I challenge you…

Are you going to make 10k in the next 10 weeks?

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