3 THINGS We Changed in Adam’s Offer to


and Hit His First Ever $100k MONTH

And More Importantly… How You Can Make the Same Changes with Your Offer Too, and Make It Rain.

That's the $100k Month Masterclass.

I started working with Adam’s offer in mid-December 2022.

His offer only made a $30 profit/day.

But after working together… 

In January 2023, he finally hit his first $100k CAD month ($117k Canadian dollars, to be exact). 

That same offer is now making $1,800 profit/day for him! $1800 per day! ($4k in revenue a day).

We 60x more his profit! How cool is that? 🤩

The best part?

We only changed 3 SMALL things that had a MASSIVE impact on his offer. 

3 things that take only approx. 8 hours to fix!

The catch: you need to know what exactly to fix first.

And I see many coaches always struggling with these 3 things. 

This kept them from scaling their coaching business to their first $10k, $30k, $100k, and beyond.

But now… we’re changing that here! 💪

Let me show you what those 3 things are and how exactly to fix them.

You can use it for your low-ticket offers, mid-ticket offers, and even high-ticket offers.

Because when you know what exactly to fix… 

It will only take less time to take your offer off the ground and MAKE IT RAIN! 🤩

In Adam’s case, it was only a couple of hours. And the very next month became his first $100k month.

And if deep down you know you’re meant to make a BIG IMPACT in your business…

Then I encourage you to join the $100k Month Masterclass.

Let me show you how you can do it too.

Masterclass Details:

When: Instant Access
Where: Private Facebook Group
Format: Videos
Price: $299

Here’s your permission to make leaps and bounds with your coaching business!

I’m so excited to see your life change too inside the masterclass, coach 🥳


PS: If you're already a member of the 6-Figure Coach program, you'll get access to the $100k Month Masterclass via email!
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